Vitromex is one of the market leaders in Mexico in the manufacture of high quality ceramic and porcelain floors and mosaics. Therefore, innovation, quality and service are always values that seek to continue its growth in the market. Given this, they had to solve a problem that was the high number of service calls to check the status of distributor orders. Therefore, they required a solution that would allow them to improve their customer service, reduce response times, automate processes and achieve greater sales of their products.


Thanks to the importance of the project and the great teamwork that was done with Vitromex staff, the project was created to develop the Vitromex Distributors portal. For this, an analysis of the processes that were in the company was made and the different use cases were created for distributors such as order creation, product and inventory consultation, order tracking, comparison of objectives vs. results, consultation of your collection and billing of orders.

With the launch of the project, calls with warehouse personnel were drastically reduced and it has become the communication channel with its distributors, thus allowing Vitromex employees to focus on their tasks and achieve their sales indicators. The success of the project was so great that the platform continues to grow and add functionalities to its success.